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* Estimated odds are based on 1 day active user count. Actual odds may vary.

How it Works

  1. BitLottery is a Chrome Extension that rewards CPU usage with BitLottery Tickets. No purchase necessary.
  2. BitLottery Tickets are used to increase your chance of winning the BitCoin Grand Prize.
  3. BitCoin winnings can be exchanged for fiat currency (USD, CAD, EUR, etc).
  4. Anyone can enter. No personal information is ever required.
  5. The more people that use the extension the larger the Grand Prize.
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Set It Up
the BitLottery Chrome extension.
Set the lottery ticket mine speed. Faster speeds give you more tickets.
Automatically get entered into the grand prize draw.


How can you give me money for just leaving this running?
It may seem like nothing is going on, but BitLottery is solving mathematical puzzles in the background. Puzzles which translate into real world value for the blockchain. Don't worry if you don't know what the blockchain is - you can still compete for the grand prize just the same.
Do I need to provide any personal information?
No. We do not require any personal information from you. Just install the extension and it will start running right away.
What are my odds of winning?
We include the estimated odds of winning at the top based on the current number of user's running the extension over the full period of the lottery. Please note this number may vary from user to user. This is just an estimate.
How do I know if I've won?
You will get a notification in the extension that you have won along with instructions on how to convert those winnings to your country's currency (USD/CAD/EUR etc).
How do I collect my winnings?
Your winnings are automatically deposited to your private BitLottery wallet which is generated automatically for you upon installation. You are free to do whatever you want with your BitCoins after that including converting them to your local country currency.
How do I know this isn't a scam?
We strive to be as transparent as possible. Our BitCoin public address for the grand prize is 1FfsJ1tGPYduvEn1PC8VdgiFN2xwFGghUe. You will see the prize increasing as the number players increases. Once we get our first winner you will be able to see that the funds are transferred to them.
Technically speaking, how does this work?
The BitLottery extension mines on the Monero blockchain. 70% of the revenue (we keep 30% for operating costs) generated from this mining gets converted to BitCoin and sent to grand prize BitCoin wallet. When it's time to draw we randomly select one of the tickets as the lucky winner and the owner of that ticket is immediately transferred the full BitCoin amount in the jackpot wallet.
Will this slow down my computer?
It will, but not by much. You will not notice a difference if you set the miner in light mode.You can use your computer as usual.
How long do I have to mine before I get a ticket?
Well that depends on how fast you set BitLottery to run and the speed of your computer. Light mode will take about 10-20 minutes per ticket. Fast mode will take about 5-10 minutes per ticket and ludicrous mode will take about 2-5 minutes per ticket. IE if you run on ludicrous mode you will get tickets 4x as fast as light mode for 4x the chance of winning. Set it in auto mode to just use whatever spare CPU resources you have.
Can I run this on more than one computer?
Yes. Add this to as many computers as you like to increase your odds of winning!
Will there ever be more than one prize draw?
We plan to roll out more frequent drawings as the prize pool increases.